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Valgineering EPC provides project consultancy of complex design & construction involving multiple, inter-related projects. We offer services right from Feasibility Study, Basic Engineering, Tender Preparation, Technology Selection, Bid Evaluation, Project Management, Inspection & Supervision of Erection & Commissioning.

Our Project Consultancy Services Includes:

  • Feasibility Study & Detailed Project Report: Our consultants can assist you in the preparatory phase of your engineering projects. This includes basic plant requirements, technology selection, sourcing options, plant configuration and technical description of each package/system, preparation of basic engineering drawings & schematics and preliminary project cost estimation.
  • Tender Preparation: As it is a crucial part of starting a project tender values have to really supportive of both parties the client and the contractor. Hence we take utmost care when preparing tender so that project can be executed smoothly and in given time without any cost overruns and extra claims.
  • Bid Evaluation and Finalization: This includes attending bid clarification meetings, reviewing pre-bid queries, furnishing replies to bidders, preparation of technical bid evaluation report, preparation of draft LOI, and finalization of the technical contract.
  • Engineering Review:  Our consulting team looks for about every minute detail about the project. This includes ensuring that the plant is designed and built in accordance with technical specifications, applicable codes and standards, environmental norms, operational and safety aspects, reliability and ease of maintenance and sound engineering practices, procurement specifications, major design calculations, detail engineering documents and drawings, quality assurance and quality control program, test certification of critical equipments, erection, testing and commissioning procedures, O&M manual, etc.
  • Inspection: Our qualified inspectors will review internal inspection reports of the OEM and witness necessary tests as per Quality plan. After successful tests, “Inspection Release Note” will be issued.
  • Supervision of Testing & Commissioning Support: We have project managers with deep technical knowledge who has know-how to follow up on the quality, progress, budgets and safety of the works on the site. This includes review of testing and commissioning procedures, witness commissioning activities, field testing for the performance of major equipments and systems while providing technical assistance for performance guarantee testing.
  • Field & Project Management:  We offer establishing field quality system and safety procedures, troubleshooting engineering related issues at the site, monitoring project progress and submitting a monthly progress report, preparation of outstanding punch points & schedule for their completion, warranty claims, technically assist owner in project activities like extra claims, approvals, penalties, delays, etc. and finally preparation of Project Completion Report.

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